Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel Training Program:

(Duration – 2 Full Days):

Advanced Excel Training Program is designed for all those users who are at Intermediate Level of MS Excel and wants to learn Advanced Excel. Participants will learn Data Analysis, Advanced Function, Pivot Table, Financial Planning, Charts, Form Controls, Macro etc at advanced level.

Advanced Excel Training Content:

  • Advance usage of Name Manager.
  • Pivot Tables.
  • Form Controls.
  • Formula’s
    – Recap of Formula’s at Intermediate Level.
    – Array Formulas.
    – Lookup Formulas (Indirect, offset, Index, Match, Address etc.)
    – Advanced usage of text formulas.
  • Financial Planning
    – CAGR.
    – Retirement Planning.
    – EMI Calculator.
    – Different scenarios in case of prepayment.
  • Dashboard Reports using Form Controls Case Studies.
  • Advance usage of Conditional Formatting.
  • Excel Visual Basics.
    – Basics about Visual Basic.
    – Macro Recording and Editing.
    – Basics about procedure.
    – Introduction to VBA Function.
    – Introduction to Forms.
  • Excel and Web.
  • Worksheet Sharing and Protection.
  • Data Validation and Conditional Formatting.
  • Data Tables.
  • Solver.
  • Advance Charts.
  • Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Break – Even Analysis.
  • Customize the Ribbon as per user’s need.
  • Advance Tips and Tricks.
  • Case Study based on Advanced Excel Training Program.

We can customize all our MS Excel Training Programs as per the Company’s need and requirement. Customization can be there in terms of Contents, Duration of Training Program etc.

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