Calculator in Excel

Do you know there is a Calculator in Excel?

Calculator in Excel is having lot of functionality like Standard / Scientific / Programmer / Statistics Calculator. It also do Unit Conversion / Date Calculation and much more.

Lets see how it can be installed and the above mentioned functionality be used.

  1. Go to Customized Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Go to More Commands.
Customize Quick Access Toolbar

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

More Commands will take to Excel Options

Alternatively, Go to File and Options. It will also take to Excel Options.

Add Calculator in Quick Access Toolbar

Add Calculator in Quick Access Toolbar


1. Go To the Quick Access Toolbar
2. Select Commands Not in the Ribbon from the Choose Command forms
3. Select Calculator
4. Click Add > >
5. It gets added to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Click OK.

Click Calculator from the Quick Access Toolbar. It will give number of options from View Menu like Standard / Specific / Programmer / Statistics. It also perform Unit Conversion / Date Calculation / Mortgage / Vehicle lease / Fuel Economy.

Calculator in Excel

Calculator in Excel

Hope you found information on “Calculator in Excel” useful.

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