Case-Insensitive Match

Excel Exact Formula is Case-Sensitive. Learn how to do Case-Insensitive Match.

Exact Function is one of the Case-Sensitive Formulas in Excel. In this Post we will see how we can do case-Insensitive match between two text strings.

Case-Insensitive Match is done with the “=” (Equal) operator. Both the text strings are mentioned like. “=Text1=Text2”

Example on Case-Insensitive Match:

Exact Case-Insensitive Match

Example: Exact Case-Insensitive Match

As per above example, in case – 1, Data – 1 and Data – 2 is having same data but there Text Case of first character is different. In Data -1, first character (“E”) of “Excel” is capital while in Data-2, first character (“e”) of “excel” is in small case. However, result is True.

However,  Excel Exact Formula is Case-Sensitive. It will result True if Text Case is same in both the Text Strings. Exact Function in above Case-1 would have returned False because First Character is in different Text Case.

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