Data Analysis and Business Planning

Data Analysis and Business Planning with MS Excel:

(Duration 2 Full Days):

Data Analysis and Business Planning with MS Excel is designed for all those professionals who work in the field of Financial and Business Planning. Program – Data Analysis and Business Planning with MS Excel will help in Analyzing the Data, Project Viability (PV, FV, IRR, MIRR, NPV etc.), Forecasting, Dashboard Reporting, Budgeting etc.

Data Analysis and Business Planning – Training Content:

  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Analytical Operations i.e., Scenario Modeling, Solver etc.
  • Project Viability
    – PV & FV (Present Value and Future Value)
    – IRR & MIRR (Internal Rate of Return and Mulitple IRR)
    – NPV (Net Present Value)
    – XNPV & XIRR (Irregular Cash Flow)
  • Excel Visual Basics
    – Basics about Visual Basic
    – Macro Recording and Editing
    – Basics about procedure
    – Introduction to VBA Function
    – Introduction to Forms
  • Form Controls (Spin buttons, Options buttons, Check boxes, Group boxes etc.)
  • Worksheet sharing and protection.
  • Break-Even Analysis with break-even chart.
  • Capital budgeting, Financial Planning, Optimal Product Mix with the help of Solver
  • Dashbaord Reports using Form Controls.
  • Forecasting Models (Annual Budget, Five year business plan etc.)
  • Charts
    – Gantt Chart, Bubble Chart, Sparklines etc.
  • Case Study.

We can customize all our MS Excel Training Programs as per the Company’s need and requirement. Customization can be there in terms of Contents, Duration of Training Program etc.

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