Excel Dashboard Training

Learn Microsoft Excel Dashboard with Advanced Formulas and Macros:

Excel Dashboard Training

Excel Dashboard Training

Excel Dashboard Training is very useful program for those who want to learn or improve their knowledge on Excel Dashboard. Participants will learn how to present and analyze their data using Advanced Excel Dashboard.

In the course of training, participants will create some Eye-Catcher Excel Dashboard, Reports & Charts. This training is very good for their Career Growth and can help them to take their career to next level.

Note: You may also choose to attend Excel Training Program for Professionals. This program is designed for corporate professionals and it covers  Advanced Excel Functions that are most required in Corporate World. Please click the below link to get more details about this program.

Excel Program for Corporate Professionals

What you will learn in Excel Dashboard Training Classes:

  • Learn Best Practice to design and develop Interactive Excel Dashboard.
  • Gain Expertise on Form Controls (Under Developer Tab).
  • Some really advanced MS Excel Formulas.
  • Dynamic Charts linked to Dashboards.
  • Use Form Control to analyze various scenarios.
  • Analyze and Summarize large volume of Data.

How Excel Dashboard is going to help you:

  • Dashboard helps to analyze the data very fast. It enables the readers to take quick and informed decisions.
  • Users can themselves change the view, by simply click on Form Control Buttons, and analyze the data from multiple perspectives.
  • Learn hidden Excel Tips and Tricks.
  • Learn many Advanced Reports, Dashboards, Charts etc.
  • You can leave everyone surprised with some Excellent Advanced Excel Dashboards.
  • This skill set can take your career to next level.

Who should attend:

  • Who should attend – CFO, Financial Controller, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst and all those who do Data Analysis & Data Crunching.
  • Program is going to be fast. There is a lot to come in 4 sessions.
  • Participants are expected to have Intermediate Knowledge of Excel.
  • Participants should have User knowledge of Pivot Table, Charts & formulas like Vlookup, Sumifs, Countifs, etc.


Excel Dashboard Training Course:


Form Controls (Under Developers Tab):

  • Learn how and when to use Button, Combo Box, Check Box, Spin Button, List Box, Option Button, Group Box, Label, Scroll Bar etc.
  • Form Control Properties.
  • Learn how to use Form Control Toolbox in Excel Dashboard.


  • Learn Advanced Techniques of Macros.
  • Use Form Controls with Macros to automate task.
  • Shared best practice for using Macros, Formulas and other functions of Excel.

Excel Formulas (Learn Advanced Usage of Formulas):

  • Array Formulas.
  • Advanced Lookup functions: Indirect, Offset, Index, Match, Address, Choose, Transpose, etc.
  • Financial Functions: FV, PV, NPV, XNPV, IRR, XIRR, MIRR, etc.
  • Advanced Usage of Date & Time and other Functions: EOMonth, Networkdays.Intl, Workday.Intl, etc.

Excel Charts (Thermometer, Speedometer, Doughnut, Pie, etc.)

  • Interactive Dynamic Charts.
  • Analyze Data through Charts using Form Control.
  • Use Multiple Chart Type in a Chart to graphically present your data.

Pivot Table

  • Make effective use of Pivot Tables in Excel Dashboard.
  • Use Pivot Table as a tool to summarize data and use it in Dashboard Reports.


  • Learn Advanced Usage of Data Validation, Data Protection, 3D Reference etc in Excel Dashboard.

Faculty: Virender Verma

Chartered Accountant.
– Director with Hetuh Financial Consultancy (www.hetuhfinancial.com).
– Worked with Mark IV, Rockwell, Vertex, Samsung & Gillette for 12 years.
– Worked as Director & headed Finance before starting “Learn Advanced Excel”.
– Have vast experience in Financial Planning and Analysis.

Registration Details for Excel Dashboard Training in Delhi – NCR:

Program: Excel Dashboard Training.
Time: TBALocation: PBC Conference Spa, Paharpur Business Center, 21 Nehru Place, Delhi-110019 (NCR).
Fees: INR 7,000 (All Inclusive).
Discount: 5% discount on 2 bookings and 10% discount on 3 & more bookings.
Kindly make a note that participants are requested to bring a laptop with Windows and Excl 2007, 2010 or Excel 2013 with them in all the four sessions of Excel Training.

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