Excel Right Formula

Learn How to use Excel Right Formula:

Excel Right Formula extracts the specified number of characters from right hand side of a cell. In other words, it extract data from the the end of a text string. It is used to remove unwanted characters from Left Side of a cell.

Right Function Syntax: Right(text, [num_chars])

Text: It is the cell or text string having the data to extract.
Num_Chars: Optional. It specifies number of characters to extract.

Example on Excel Right Formula:

In below data, Production Code, Manufacturing Year and Manufacturing Location is mentioned in Column B. We need to extract Manufacturing Location that is at the end of the Cell.

Excel Right Formula

Example: Right Formula

Excel Right Formula is used in Cell C2 (Highlighted with Yellow color) to extract Manufacturing Location. Text is Cell B2 having the data to extract. Manufacturing Location has been mentioned in 3 characters. So number of characters to return is 3. Cell C2 has returned JPN which is the Manufacturing Location code of Row No.2.

The Same formula is copied to all other cells where manufacturing Location is required.

Hope you may find this useful.

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