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MS Excel Training for Corporate Professionals:

In this competitive world, good knowledge of Microsoft Excel can help you to grow faster. Our Program – MS Excel Training for Corporate Professionals is a must do program for all who work in Corporate World. This Excel Workshop includes all those functions and formulas that are much needed to use MS Excel efficiently and effectively. We have spread MS Excel Training program on two weekends that allow participants to do practice. Program is full of Illustrations & Case study that are based on real business problems.

Note: You may also choose to attend Excel Dashboard Training. This program is designed for advanced users of Excel who wants to improve their knowledge on Excel Dashboard. Please click the below link to get more details about the program.

Excel Dashboard with Advanced Macros and Formulas

Advanced MS Excel Training Classes Detail is as below:

Program: Advanced MS Excel Training for Corporate Professionals.
Time: TBA.
Location: PBC Conference Spa, Paharpur Business Center, 21 Nehru Place, Delhi-110019.
Faculty: Virender Verma (Chartered Accountant) from
Fees: INR 6,000 (All Inclusive).
Kindly make a note that participants are requested to bring a laptop with them in all four session of Excel Training.

Faculty: Virender Verma

– Chartered Accountant.
– Director with Hetuh Financial Consultancy (
– Worked with Mark IV, Rockwell, Vertex, Samsung & Gillette for 12 years.
– Worked as Director & headed Finance before starting “Learn Advanced Excel”.
– Have vast experience in Financial Planning and Analysis.

About Program – MS Excel for Corporate Professionals:

– Shared best use of Microsoft Excel.
– Program is based on real scenario problem.
– All MS Excel Training Classes are full of illustration and case study.
– Practical experience of Program Director will help to have a practical view of each function.
– Program is spread over couple of weekends that give time to practice and raise question in subsequent sessions.

Excel Training Course:

Excel Essentials:

– Excel Basics.
– Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands.
– Working with Ribbon Tabs.
– Advance techniques of Copy and Paste.
– Basics about Date and Time.
– How to use Auto List.
– Wild Characters.
(How to make powerful use of Wild Characters, Find, Replace and Go To. How date and time works in excel, how to create different QAT for different files and much more…..)

Formats, Conditional Formatting & Sorting:

– Cell Format.
– Data Bars, Color Scales & Icon Sets.
– Conditional formatting with formulas.
– Conditional formatting with Form Controls.
– Sorting basic.
– Sorting based on Customized List.
– Customized Sorting (Advanced).
(What are commonly committed errors and how to overcome them, different type of conditional formatting, creating customized list and sorting on the basis of customized list).

Data Management:

– Data Validation and dealing with Invalid Data.
– Group and Outline Data.
– Data Filter.
– Data Consolidation.
– Data text to column.
– Custom Views.
(Consolidating data vertically and horizontally on few clicks (without using any formula), Viewing & printing multiple reports on same data and same sheet on click of button and much more……….).

Formula’s & Functions:

– Text Formula’s (Left, Right, Trim, Len, Upper, Lower, Proper etc.).
– Lookup Formula’s (Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Transpose, Row, Column etc.).
– Logical Formula’s (If, And, Or, etc.).
– Date & Time (Day, Month, Year, Date, Datevalue, EOMonth, Workday etc.).
– Math & Trig (Sumif, Sumifs, Sumproduct etc.).
(Do you really know what Vlookup can do?)
– Vlookup can extract value from multiple tables on multiple sheets.
– Using Vlookup for two way lookup. (Vertically and Horizontally at same time).
– Vlookup can calculate Income Tax on any Income falling in any slab.
– Using Vlookup for AR Aging analysis.
– When to have Range lookup True in Vlookup and how it impacts?

Charts & Graphs:

– Chart Basics.
– Line Chart, Column Chart.
– Sparklines.
– Others
(How to create multiple chart type in one graph, using primary and secondary axis for different chart type in one chart, how to make best use of newly added feature of sparklines).

Data Analysis:

– Pivot Table (Including Slicer).
– Scenario Modeling.
– GoalSeek.
– Advanced Filters.
(See how to add customized data in Pivot-Table, how to generate multiple reports on a press of button in Pivot Table, How to use newly added feature of slicer in pivot table, Creating customized reports from Advanced Filter on few clicks, what are advantages and disadvantages of using scenario modeling).

Introduction to Form Controls, Macros:

– Introduction to Form Controls.
– Macros.
– Create and Edit a Macro.
– Absolute and Relative with reference to Macro.
(We will see what exactly we can do with Macros, when to use absolute and relative reference in Macros).


– 3D Reference.
– Customizing standard Excel options to user specific needs.
– Different techniques to remove duplicate.
– Talk to Excel.
– Mini Word in Excel.
– Screenshot and its usage (Newly added feature).
– Data Protection.
– Dealing with Objects.
(In this section of Excel Training,  see how to work on multiple sheets at one time, customizing excel as per user’s need, working with objects, Mini word in Excel and use newly added features of Excel 2010 for better presentation).


Participation Certificate – “MS Excel Training for Corporate Professionals” will be issued to those who will attend all four sessions.

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Learn Advanced Excel

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