Learn Format Painter Double Click Trick

Use Format Painter Double click to copy format to Non-Adjacent Cells:

Learn the magic of Format Painter Double Click. Very few of us are aware that there is a lot of difference between single and double click on Format Painter Icon (Paint Brush). Single Click on Format Painter Icon will enable you to use it once. It means, you can format either one cell or one range.

However, double click on Format Painter Icon will lock the Format Painter. It will enable you to use it multiple times, you can apply formatting to non-adjacent cells or non-adjacent ranges. Press ‘Esc.’ or click Format Painter Icon again when you are finished and don’t want to use Format Painter Double Click.

Format Painter Double Click trick is very handy when you have to apply formatting from one cell to other non-adjacent cells or ranges.

Hope you find this trick useful.

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