Job Opportunities with Corporates

Position – 1 (Pune): Manager – Indirect Taxation – See Details below.

Position – 2 (Gurgaon): Manager – Internal Audit – See Details below.

Position – 3 (Mumbai, Chennai, Patna & Goa): Manager – Internal Audit – See Details below.


Position – 1

Manager Indirect Taxation:

JOB TITLE: Manager – Indirect Taxation

JOB GRADE: Manager




  1. Handle all issues that arise due to indirect taxation concerning laws such as Excise, VAT, Sales Tax and Service Tax  at the unit level.
  2. Support the central taxation team in handling  litigation relating to taxation issues of units.
  3. Be the  first level strategic planner on all Indirect tax issues.
  4. Identify planning opportunities at Zonal levelustodian of General Trade P&L

Job Responsibility:

1. Compliance

a)Filing of Monthly, Periodic and Annual Returns under Excise, VAT and Local taxes.
b)Payment of taxes as per due dates for all legislation.
c)Filing of TDS Returns where applicable and payment of recovered taxes (Income tax).
d)Inter Unit interaction on transfers of stocks with regard to Forms.
e)Suppliers Tax status verification, issue of C Forms and receipt of Forms from FOBO parties.
f)Verification of agreements signed with various stakeholders for completeness and documentation.
g)Declaration of places of business to authorities, endorsements and updation.
h)Invoicing of FG and availment of tax credits on inputs and Input services.
i)Response to information queries of Tax Department at HO on IT and Indirect Taxes.
j)Development and maintenance of  accessible records management system.
k)Maintenance of Debtors tax database and review of status.

2. Front Line Defence

a)Handling Audit queries of all authorities like CAG, CRA and Local Vigilance and Ant-Evasion Cells.
b)Reply to SCN’s at first stage and forwarding the same.
c)Preparation of case notes for principal issues such as valuation, Input Credits etc.
d)Discussion with service Providers on compliance with law.
e)Handling  of Appeal hearings below Rs 2 MN  (Tax demand).
f)Dealing Tax points in IGAAP , US GAAP and Compliance Audits.
g)Bank Guarantees issue for tax points and maintenance.
h)Tax implication analysis on RFA and its compliance (e.g  Write off of Stocks and reversal of credits).
i)Recommendation to HO Tax on issues to be contested.

3. Planning

a)Exemptions and rebates analysis with impact on litigation.
b)Local Industrial Policies with benefits and analysis.
c)Identification of Districts and Zones in States (where Zone operates) which are declared backward.
d)Relationship building with all authorities at Range and Commissionerate level in Excise and VAT.
e)Periodic meetings with Senior Officials in Department of Revenue (State and Central) along with Corporate Tax.
f)Personal appearance in cases (Excise and VAT etc.) where tax demand is > Rs 2.5 MN along with Corporate Tax.
g)Meeting DIC and Director of Industries along with corporate tax representatives.
h)Repository of Unit / Zone TLMS data and purity.
i)Appointment of Local Consultants on advice from Corporate tax  and relationship building.

Position Reports to (Functional): Vice President Tax
Position Reports to (Administrative): Zonal Head Finance.

Internal Customers:

  • Legal Department
  • Sales Department
  • Commercial and Procurement Department.
  • Zonal Finance Managers at units / Plants / Region.
  • HO Tax Cell

External Customers:

  • Tax Consultants.
  • Lawyers
  • Law Firms
  • Regulatory Authorities.

Travel: 10-12 days in a month.

Qualification: CA with 4-8 years of experience.


Position – 2

Manager Internal Audit:

JOB TITLE: Manager – Internal Audit

JOB GRADE: Manager



Job Objective:

Governance and compliance.

  • Access Control and Segregation of Duty.
  • Systems and Process implementation in Emerging Areas.
  • Systems Support, Updation and Maintenance.
  • Learning and development.

Job Responsibility:

1. Governance and compliance

  • Conduct risk assessment and assurance reviews across Zones.
  • Undertake CSA in agreement with CAD, identify and make available resources from the field and ensure completion within timelines.
  • Maintain zero high risk status in CAD and CSA and target reduction in potential risks.
  • Conduct investigative audits, as required.

2. Access Control and Segregation of Duty

  • Review, update and document the SOD matrix for all financial transaction systems.
  • Grant timely exception approvals.
  • Ensure SOD compliance by conducting monthly review and analysis of exceptions and suggest corrective actions by using audit tools.

3. Systems and Process implementation in Emerging Areas

  • Work on developing processes for new / focus areas like automated claims in iDAS and RFID tracking for SGAs.
  • Work on defining processes and policies around emerging fields like BOP, online etc.

4. Systems Support, Updation and Maintenance

  • Ensure COLA help desk support for all financial modules.
  • Identify and work on process automation opportunities.
  • Maintain an updated online repository (FinShare) of policies, processes and guidance notes.

5. Learning and Development

  • Develop content and conduct or coordinate trainings – FSB1, Procurement finance, Working capital finance, accounting, Supply chain finance and skill enhancement trainings for advanced excel and powerpoint.
  • Coordinate training of new associates and refresher / update training on COLA mfg pro.
  • Develop and maintain updated job profiles and standardized KRA’s for all Zonal Finance managerial roles

Internal / External Customers:

  • Zone Finance Leadership Team
  • Finance Leadership Team At Corporate
  • Cross Functional Teams At Corporate


  • CAD Team
  • Instructors / Professors For L&D
  • Placement And Recruitment Consultants


Desired Candidate Profile:

Critical Experiences:

Well rounded business operations exposure through analytics, accounting, reporting, audit, working capital and ERP in a manufacturing environment

Financial Scope:

Instrumental in setting up controls and compliance which have a bearing on the financial health of the organisation.

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Drive Innovation Stage 3
  • Act like an owner Stage 3
  • Collaborate with the System, Customers and Key Stakeholders Stage 3
  • Develop Self and Others Stage 3
  • Inspires Others Stage 3

Controls & Compliance:

  • Risk Analysis – Competent
  • Internal audit management – Mastery
  • Market & distributor audit – Competent
  • Physical Asset Control – Mastery

Financial Management:

  • Business Relationship Management – Mastery

Capability Development:

  • Management of L &D Partners – Competent
  • Coordination of Training – Competent

Expert Usage of MS Office Applications


Position – 3

Manager General Trade & Working Capital:

JOB TITLE: Manager – Internal Audit

JOB GRADE: Manager


LOCATION: Mumbai, Chennai, Patna & Goa

Job Purpose:

To provide a high level of legal advice, transactional and business support and service to the Company.

Main responsibilities of the job:

1. Contract Management

a. Support client groups in negotiating, drafting and review of agreements and documents covering financial, commercial, information technology and systems, acquisition of business/assets, real estate and intellectual property, procurement, strategic alliances and other related transactions.
b. Support to HR and admin on contracts relating to learning and development, security, catering, consultants.
c. Supporting Finance/ taxation on banking and loan documentation, BG formats, treasury requirements and insurance.
d. Collaborate with all key stakeholders in standardizing contracts.
e. Monitoring and enforcing performance of contracts invoking contractual remedies and defence of contractual claims.
f. Identifying, measuring, managing, monitoring and minimizing contract related legal risk and developing and maintaining contract related compliance procedures and help drive change and compliance within company subsidiaries.
2. Support to Marketing Team
Provide end to end support to the marketing teams in corporate and Zones.
3. Litigation
a. Provide assistance in managing and co-ordination of litigation being handled from Corporate.
b. Support the Corporate Legal team in co-coordinating trademark matters.
4. Research and Legal Advise
Conduct legal research on various issues and provide advice and legal opinions pertaining to various commercial, business and contractual issues and matters.
5. Regulatory Support
Provide support to the team on regulatory issues.
6. Trainings
Education, training and raising awareness levels of employees on legal issues.
7. Miscellaneous
Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Internal Customers: Supply Chain, Finance, HR, BSG, Admin, Commercial Team.

External Customer: Lawyers, suppliers, customers, consultants and regulatory authorities.


Desired Candidate Profile:

Graduation in law from an institute/university of repute.

Work Experience:
Good experience in handling top level transactional and commercial experience in a reputed law firm or reputed company (preferably telecom or FMCG or with a blend of both)

Critical Experience / Exposure Required:
Knowledge of contract and commercial laws, food laws, Consumer Laws, Labour & legal metrology. Knowledge of marketing laws and understanding in handling trade promotions, contracts and customer activation schemes.

Behavioral Competencies:
1. Business acumen and technical legal skills,
2. Possess the ability to contribute at the strategic and tactical level in respect of the companys planning initiatives,
3. Takes initiative to deliver results
4. Displays high Speed of execution in executing tasks.
5. Attention to Detail, is mature with solid judgment and common sense
6. Good interpersonal and communication skills, be a committed team player
7. The ability to work independently and efficiently under pressure
8. Professional, proactive, and enthusiastic.
9. Ability to prioritise tasks

Functional Competences:
1. Candidate should demonstrate a substantial and in-depth knowledge of the business and understand client’s business objectives, look for opportunities to assist in the achievement of these goals.
2. Should have the ability to identify and anticipate potential legal issues that may develop with current or planned client business objectives and takes initiative to address them.

IT Knowledge: Microsoft office

Travel: Occasionally

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