Testimonials for Learn Advanced Excel:

 I have taken the advance excel  training  along with my two colleagues for the 4 days ( 2 consecutive Saturdays & Sundays). My feedback for the program is as follows:-

  1. The program is well structured and nicely designed
  2. The concept are discussed in details to make the participant understand the logic for each steps.
  3. The  functions or the topics  which are frequently used is discussed in details so that all the participants are fairly confident to make the applications of the knowledge in practical situations.
  4. My colleagues are already using the applications in their day-to-day reporting and I can see the amount of confidence and interest in them after the training.
  5. The trainer has the ability to generate interest on the whole group. He has also the passion  to discuss and help all the members of the group  beyond the training session for discussing the practical problems. He has also offered his availability  to resolve any practical problem through mails. This quality is unique in him.

 I wish Mr. Virender  all the success to achieve his mission and distribute the knowledge which will really be helpful both for the participant and also the organization in long run. The productivity of the employees will definitely increase and management will be able to get better reports in a shorter time which will increase the overall effectiveness of the organization and ensure timely decision-making.

Debashis Chakraborty
Director (Finance & Administration)
Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc.


“I have undergone the training program conducted by “Learn Advanced Excel” on MS Excel and found it very useful for my working. The concept of Mr Virender Verma on the subject is remarkable. I suggest all professionals who needs MS Excel in their routine working, should once use this program to enhance their efficiency at different level.”

Anil Kr Tibrewal
Ashiana Homes Pvt Ltd.

I had attended the excel training conducted by you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us such rich experience in excel. The course subject was planned meticulously and was more or less suiting the requirement of the entire class. It really gave an in-depth knowledge to what all we can do in excel in a much faster and an efficient way. I am now putting all my knowledge gained during the training session in my existing spreadsheet and they are beginning to show results. I have suddenly become a person to whom my team is looking at for providing them the solutions they are facing in excel. I am seriously thinking of allowing at least 2-3 persons to join your next training program.

Some of the below mentioned topics taught by you are really helpful to me:

  1. How to make the financials in excel. Though we all do the same but the technique taught by you was really good and I would be applying the same for making this year financials
  2. Name Manager
  3. Goal seek
  4. Scenario Manager
  5. Multiple VLookup function
  6. Conditional Formatting

I once again thank you for all the efforts put in by you in making us a better excel person. Do let us know if you plan to do an advanced version in excel and I would like to attend the same and also keep us posted on the further training schedule of yours.

Sanjeev Batra
Regional Manager Finance – India
International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd.


I would like to convey my hearty thanks that due to this excel training workshop I am been able to utilize the same as outline below:

  1. Monthly Budget Vs Actual Presentation in a better manner with the help of different charts/analysis reports
  2. Use of multiple VLOOKUP along with IFERROR formula in preparation of financial statements
  3. Use of Pivot Table to obtain data easily and without having any chance of errors
  4. Use of different shortcuts to make our daily working fast in excel.
  5. Also so many things which cannot be explained right now.

Anyway if you are going to conduct any further sessions, kindly inform.

Mahesh GARG
Senior Manager – Finance and Accounts
Bando (India) Private Limited


“Virender brings in with him a complete blend of subject knowledge plus practical application. His training style with simulation exercises add huge value and make him unique and outstanding. His deep subject knowledge and acceptance by the participants makes him an exceptional trainer.  We are glad to have him associated with us.”

Arunima Mohanty
Divisional Manager HR
National Engineering Industries Ltd.

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